If you are interested in exhibiting at the Randfontein Show from 5 – 8 March, please complete our Online Request to Exhibit Form, or download the PDF version and email it to

Please also take note of the following important information:  

Please click here for a comprehensive list of accommodation near the Show grounds. – click on the links to the websites and/or email addresses

Alternative accommodation – Showground Camping Accommodation: R780 for the four days (VAT Inclusive) in the following areas:
a) Own caravan (in Water Tower corner)
b) Own caravan: A Field 9 x 4 Field Exhibitors – directly behind your stall. Only 10 spots available.

• Exhibitors must register at the Show office on arrival to receive the necessary documentation and stall allocation.
• Registration times: Monday, 2 March to Wednesday, 4 March: 09:00 to 19:00.
• NO STALL NUMBERS will be issued unless FULL payment has been received – payment to be made prior to registration. Please use invoice number as a reference.
• Please supply proof of payment when registering. Only EFT, direct deposit or card payments will be accepted. STRICTLY NO CHEQUES OR CASH.

Wristbands allow unlimited access to the Show grounds:

•  Two wristbands (BLACK) are included in the stall fee. Additional wristbands: R60 per person.  Maximum of six (6) wristbands per exhibitor (not per stall).
•  Additional entrance tickets (for workers/helpers only) can be bought at R75 at the Show Office.  Each entrance ticket allows only one entry onto the grounds.
•  Exhibitors who sleep on Show grounds to are also required to wear additional wristband (RED) available at R40.00 each.
•  No complimentary wristbands will be issued.

Wristbands available from Show office from:
Saturday 29 February  10:00 to 17:00
Sunday 1 March  10:00 to 14:00
Monday 2 – Wednesday 4 March 09:00 to 19:00

Exhibitor to supply OWN front awning and rope (to close stall front at night)

• Reserved parking for exhibitors available inside Show grounds. Strictly ONE vehicle per exhibitor only.
• Please note: Vehicle permit will only be issued after registration and after full stall payment has been received.
• Please check the colour of your vehicle disc and the Show plan to determine the correct parking area and entrance gate to be used (issued at registration).
• Show visitors park at their own risk. The Randfontein Publicity Association nor the Rand West City Local Municipality will not be held liable for any loss or damage.

• Stall construction may commence from 10:00 on Monday 2 March and must be completed no later than 22:00 Wednesday 4 March.
• Stalls must be attractive. Exhibitors will be requested to participate in the Show theme and to contribute to the general effect. 2020 Theme: CLOCKS/TIME.
• One plug point and one light will be available for each stall.
• Tent stall exhibitors to supply their own electrical extension cord (10m+).
• Open area exhibitors to supply their own electrical extension cord (30m+).

Tent Stalls will be numbered in yellow. Open area stalls will be measured out and numbered with spray paint on the grassy area. Exhibitors to mark their own tables and chairs clearly.

Please do not use any of the following methods that cause damage to the tents:

•  Staples
•  Glue
•  Double sided tape

•  Stickers
•  Black marker pens
•  Penetration of marquee plastic.

•  Damages will be charged to the exhibitor.
•  Do not remove rope on any side walls.
•  The use of rope and Prestik is allowed.

•  Showground security will be provided from Friday, 28 February until 11:00 on Monday, 9 March. Randfontein Publicity Association nor Rand West City Local Municipality will be held liable for any loss or damage caused to exhibitions.

•  Only security guards and personnel from Piquant Security (Tel: 011 412 3819 or 011 692 2440) will be allowed on the Show grounds to handle any security problems.

•  NO UNAUTHORISED PERSONS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE SHOW GROUNDS AFTER 23:00. Exhibitors who need staff members to sleep on the premises, must apply for a RED wristband at the Show Office, before Thursday 5 March at a cost of R40-00 each.

•  Exhibitors overnighting in caravans are also required to wear a RED wristband (R40-00 per person).  Any person without a RED wristband between 23:00 and 08:00 will be apprehended and asked to leave the grounds.

•  Illegally parked exhibitor vehicles – i.e. vehicles without a valid exhibitor vehicle parking disc or vehicle parked in the incorrect parking area will be subject to windscreens being pasted closed with a LARGE NO-PARKING STICKER or will be towed away.

•  Exhibitors can make use of a FREE announcement service at the Torero Broadcast Stage, to advertise their products. Send your advert /message to 082 395 0771 (preferably WhatsApp).

•  Exhibitors exhibit at their OWN RISK in every respect. Randfontein Publicity Association, nor Rand West City Local Municipality will be held liable for any loss or damage caused to exhibitions.

•  Exhibitors to insure their own goods, should they so desire. There will be a full security presence 24 hours per day during the Show. Flood lights will light up the grounds at night. Capitec Mobile Speed-point facilities: User-friendly technology.  Call Nancy Mukwevho on 065 956 1278. Applications close mid-February 2020.

•  Stalls to be evacuated before 11:00 on Monday, 9 March, although it is advisable to remove valuable items at closing on Sunday, 8 March. Exhibitors are expected to set up professional looking and appealing stalls. Flea market type stalls will be allowed in a specially demarcated area.

•  Fire-fighting equipment is compulsory in every stall. All exhibitors are responsible for their own fire fighting equipment in accordance with the occupational class of  the exhibition, e.g. Food & Computer stalls – CO2 fire extinguisher. Other stalls require dry chemical powder extinguishers. For further information contact Sias Botha on 083 442 3977.

•  Toy exhibitors – STRICTLY no crackers, BB guns or stink-bombs are allowed. Non-adherence of regulations will result in exhibitor’s expulsion from the Show grounds.

•  Stall judging will take place on Thursday, 5 March from 10:00.
•  Main prizes winners (Show Personality, Chairman’s Choice, Best Overall Exhibitor) will receive their prizes in the Show Marquee on Thursday, 5 March at 18:05.   Other winners: Certificates will be delivered to your stall.


• First Impressions – Approach
• Layout / Product Presentation

•  Appeal / Quality of Product
•  Use of Tent

•  Use of Theme


• Arts & Crafts
• Beauty & Skin Care
• Business Expo
• Direct Sales
• Education
• Electronics
• Farm Implements
• OPEN Refreshments
• Motor Sales

• Financial Institutions
• Food Stalls
• Garden Furniture & Equipment
• Home Improvements
• Household Furniture
• Industry
• Manufacturers
• Pools & Solar Equipment

• Real Estate
• Retail Business
• Security
• Service Organisations
• Sport & Leisure
• Telecommunications
• Tourism
• Toys


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